We believe that nothing can give a fairer, more balanced view on what a company does than its customers. Here are just a few of the many testimonials that we have received from our existing customers:

Just a quick note to say thank you! How refreshing it is to do business with a company that shares the same level of importance when it comes to getting things done. I was extremely impressed when the delivery van arrived today (Wednesday) containing the replacement head section for the couch that I reported on Monday. I commend your service levels.

Jeff Barnard

If only every company was has efficient as Plinth!! Many thanks.


The quality of the Plinth is tremendous. The service, maintenance and post purchase customer care is superb. Fast, friendly, efficient service to be found with Plinth 2000.

Carolyn McGregor

Love my new trolley. In fact I may serve deserts on it when I'm not treating patients! Thanks for a very quick delivery and beautiful packaging. Excellent service appreciated.

East Sussex

Just a quick message of thanks to you all for making my job easier over the last 10 years. I have always been confident that any problem I've faced you with would be dealt with without fuss or delay & this really helped.

Porter Nash

I was treating a patient the other day and she passed a complimentary remark about my plinth2000 couch. 
She was a fellow therapist so we talked a bit about couches for a while. She said she used to own a locally made couch and had it maintained by them, but they'd gone out of business and now it was unusable because of lack of spares.
This got me thinking. Should I be maintaining my good old 503?
So I dug out my Instruction Manual and was surprised it was as long ago as 2004 when I first got it. It's frame is dusted once a fortnight and I gave the castors some silicon spray-on lubricant I think last year.
Other than that it gets pretty well ignored.
It's in perfect working order. It works beautifully, it's smooth in operation. Sometimes it sighs gently as it is lowered, usually in the hot weather, mostly it is completely silent.
Here are some statistics I've just unearthed about it's life in my treatment room:
(It has to be moved out into the middle of the room for each treatment and then back again after each treament)
Original cost in 2004 - £705 inc VAT.
Total treatments I've used this plinth for - just over 1200  - distance it's been pushed around the room - just over a mile.
Thanks for a brilliant product. As I said, it is ununsung hero.

Mr Demmon

The couch in my current clinic has broken, fortunately it is stuck at an appropriate height. It is not one of your couches I hasten to add, it was one of the most regrettable purchases I made...lesson learnt - don't go cheap!

Debs Smith

Mr Dyer was helpful beyond a way that was personal and not like a number. I have wasted money on other plinths in the past and will not do so again!

Andrew Maxwell

I bought one of your 503s 17 years ago and it's still in perfect condition. Excellent workmanship.

Robert Hale

This note is to inform you that the chair has arrived and also to express thanks for your kind assistance in its procurement.

Heather Harewood